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Statements falsely attributed to australian prime minister julia gillard advise muslim immigrants to adapt to australian culture or leave the country. Pakistan’s foreign minister has suggested that a bollywood star who was sentenced to five years in prison for poaching a protected species of indian antelope, received the lengthy punishment because he was muslim. Turnbull would not comment on a report saying trump grew angry during their call over a deal to resettle up to 1,250 mostly muslim refugees in the us trump tweeted a complaint late wednesday about the deal struck by obama. In an exclusive interview with fp on wednesday, the albanian prime minister bashed donald trump for his anti-muslim rhetoric.

Helsinki: a danish government minister has asserted that muslims shouldn’t work during ramadan because the monthlong fasting period poses safety hazards in some professions and makes the practice “dangerous for us all”. The danish government minister responsible for immigration is urging muslims to avoid working during ramadan, saying the traditional fasting period poses safety hazards in some professions and makes the practice dangerous for us all. The new burmese minister of religion, aung ko (former member of the military regime), has in the span of three days created a storm of controversy the burma task force confirmed with the burmese voice of america service that ko described muslims as “associate citizens,” implying they are not “full citizens”.

Romania could have its first female prime minister, an economist who is a member of the country's small muslim community romanian president klaus iohannis said on thursday he would appoint a prime minister designate after sunday as he needed time to assess a proposal made by the social democrat . German family minister franziska giffey said that she considered burkinis as acceptable for muslim women after school purchased them to allow girls to participate in swim lessons. Minister louis farrakhan, chicago, il 952k likes the only official facebook fan page of the honorable minister louis farrakhan, national representative.

As the third most populous muslim-majority country, bangladesh has been ruled, as of 2016, for the last 25 years by female prime ministers by electing khaleda zia and sheikh hasina as prime ministers sheikh hasina prime minister of bangladesh from 1996-2001 and 2009–present. Muslim minister crossword puzzle clue has 1 possible answer and appears in 1 publication. A danish minister known for her strong anti-immigration views on monday may 21st called for muslims to take time off work during the fasting period of ramadan, saying the practice is dangerous for all of us. A clip from the honorable minister louis farrakhan's may 27, 2018 address at the nation of islam's international headquarters, mosque maryam in chicago, il. Prime minister julia gillard(australia) muslims who want to live under islamic sharia law were told on wednesday to get out of australia , .

The nation of islam, the fifth of elijah's sons—not farrakhan—as the new supreme minister at the time, nation of islam was founded is the muslim program . Unbought and uncompromised, the final call delivers hard hitting national and international headlines and perspectives. Yogi adityanath is known for hateful rhetoric toward muslims now he governs more than 40 million of them. First muslim minister in british cabinet about hinduism in indian school's bhav tillu myanmar's anti-muslim monks | aj+ docs - duration: 10:28.

Minster muslim

Assertions by denmark's immigration minister that muslims fasting for ramadan pose a safety hazard in some jobs do not represent the views of the country's government, a spokeswoman for the ruling coalition said tuesday. Ramadan has come again to an outsider, in particular to one danish government minister, ramadan might appear to be just a month of staying hungry, but there is much more to fasting than just refraining from eating and drinking. Interior minister thomas de maiziere envisions a regionally defined muslim holiday.

Ahmed hussen, centre, poses with prime minister justin trudeau, right, and gov-gen david johnston after being sworn in as minister of immigration, . Story: the whole world needs a leader like this prime minister julia gillard – australia muslims who want to live under islamic sharia law were told on wednesday to get out of australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. Currently false arrests, torture, rape, executions (beheadings, crucifixions), kidnappings, exile from home and country are a daily threat for many christians in other parts of the world.

This is not about freedom of speech, this is about insulting people's faith i cannot see anything that has to do with freedom of speech here — mehmet kaplan, on the mohammed cartoon controversy, 2005. German interior minister thomas de maiziere prompted a backlash from his own party and political allies by suggesting that germany introduce muslim public holidays. Seminar on islam one big difference between ministering to muslims in the west and ministry to muslims inside the west to understand how to minister to muslims.

Minster muslim
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